Group Members


Adam Gracz, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor Department of Genetics

Adam conducted his postdoctoral fellowship in intestinal stem cell biology in Dr. Scott Magness's lab at UNC Chapel Hill and started his independent lab in July 2016. During his training, Adam developed techniques and platforms for identifying and studying intestinal stem cells in vivo and in vitro. He is currently funded by career transition awards from NIH-NIDDK (K01) as well as the American Gastroenterological Association (Research Scholar Award). 



Kortney Wager

Research Technician

Kortney is utilizing conventional histology and tissue clearing techniques to "map" the location of distinct biliary subpopulations in the adult liver. She is also using organoids and RNA-seq to understand functional and transcriptomic heterogeneity in biliary epithelium. 

Ismael Gomez

Research Technician

Ismael is studying how biliary organoids can be "induced" to express genes found in hepatocytes to better understand cellular plasticity between these two cell types. 


Jack Kabrich

Undergraduate student               Biology, Junior

Jack is developing knockout mouse models and transgenic organoid lines to understand the role of Tet1 in intestinal stem cell biology.




Matthew Fordham

Research Technician        2015-2016

Current position:                          Medical student

University of North Carolina     Class of 2021


Jeremy Morowitz

Undergraduate Student        2016-2018                             B.S. Biology, with Honors